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Personal Injury (Policy Limits) Settlement for $100,000
Client: Linda • State of Colorado
Injuries: Multiple fractures to right ankle


Personal Injury(v. State of Nebraska)Settlement for $567,000
Client: Rickey and Rhonda • Seward County
Rickey's Injuries: Non-displaced fracture involving the left L3 and L4 transverse processes, pulmonary collapse, medial malleolus fracture (ankle), contusions (both ankles with possible tendon injury to right ankle, right knee, abdominal wall and right hip), abrasions (lower extremity, upper abdomen, shoulders, forearm, and trunk), and right shoulder joint pain
Rhonda's Injuries: Fractured right fourth metacarpal bone (finger), fractured right navicular bone (ankle), fractured right talus (ankle), abrasions (left shoulder, upper back, left knee, left shin, and left dorsum of foot), and contusions (tongue, right wrist and hand, and right lateral ankle)
Personal Injury Settlement for $113,750
Client: Deidre • Hall County
Injuries: An open dislocation of right ankle together with ligamentous disruption and deep tibial laceration


Personal Injury Settlement for $300,000
Client: Debra • Red Willow County
Injuries: Broken right hip, aggravation of previous right wrist fracture, multiple rib fractures, a broken clavicle, a collapsed and bruised lung, as well as contusions to her heart and significant scarring to thigh, leg and chest
Personal Injury & Worker's Comp Settlement for $297,500
Client: Kimberly • Hall County
Injuries: Traumatic brain injury, head lacerations, chipped tooth, contusions, broken right hand, numbness and shooting pains in right arm, memory lapses/processing problems, hip pain and headaches
Personal Injury(Policy Limits)Settlement for $250,000
Client: James • Adams County
Injuries: Broken right leg in multiple locations, broken sternum and clavicle


Personal Injury Settlement for $500,000
Client: Delbert • Adams County
Injuries: Closed head injury, multiple contusions and abrasions to his face and hand
Personal Injury Settlement for $233,000
Client: Hermes • Adams County
Injuries: Immediately following accident, left knee pain, right shoulder pain and numbness extending into his fingers right arm
Final Diagnosis: radiculopathy and right C5-6 disc herniation with incomplete spinal cord injury
Worker's Comp Settlement for $200,000
Client: Michael • Phelps County
Injuries: Traumatic brain injury, loss of usage of left upper extremity and seizures (medical left open)
Personal Injury Settlement for $299,211
Client: Chung • Hall County
Injuries: Severe injury to his mid, upper and cervical spines
Personal Injury Settlement for $160,000
Client: Keith • Adams County
Injuries: Torn PCL and meniscus tear of left knee; left shoulder; lower back pain


Personal Injury Settlement for $215,000
Client: Kenneth • Webster County
Injuries: Significantly torn anterior labrum of left shoulder and injury to right knee
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