Read what our clients are saying out us:

"They were direct, friendly, polite and professional. No air of arrogance from them as you may find with other attorneys. They are the best in the Tri-Cities, period.
People would be fools to speak to any other firm first."

Clifford P. - July 2017

I talk to a lot of veterans and when we talk about lawyers, I always say, "Doug Pauley is the best." Good people... keep up the good work!

Shay J. - June 2017

I had a Workers Comp Claim that Scott Pauley helped me with. I have been impressed with his office and his help on this case. When I had a question or needed to talk to Scott or his assistant, Kristi, they accepted my phone call and answered my questions. If Kristi, didn't have the answer right away, she was getting back to me as soon as she could. It was nice that once I had my part done, they were doing all the behind the scene stuff and getting everything taken care of. Clearly a lot goes on behind the scene that gets done so the client isn't stressing over everything.

I honestly thought that this would drag out for quite a long time. It has not at all. I have enjoyed my experience with working with Scott. I remember the day I went in to discuss talking to him and getting everything set up for him to represent me on this case. He was a down to earth guy and I knew that this was all going to work out in the end. I didn't have to worry about anything. I didn't have time to worry with having surgery around the time that I contacted Scott. Really appreciated all the work that Scott and his office did for me!!  

The office staff there was amazing too. They were always kind and courteous to me. I was never nervous going in the office at all.  

Thank you for all your help Scott Pauley and your office staff. I have greatly appreciated working with you!! I know where I am going in the future if I need an attorney.

Dale G. - April 2017

I have had Conway, Pauley & Johnson working on my case for over two years. Their professionalism attention to detail and there family oriented methods are second to none. I could not have done it without them. Scott Pauley is amazing that coupled with a staff that that works nearly around the clock to complete any and all tasks. If it's representation on the highest level you need, this is the firm for you. Thank you for everything you have accomplished for me.

Kathy - January 2017

Scott did a great job on my personal injury case. I was well informed through the whole process. I would definitely recommend this firm.

Brian - January 2017

Doug, Thanks for being a credit to your professions. Because of that, the past 5 years of my life are much improved, and my kid's too! I can't express my gratitude enough for you and your crew. 

David and Nancy F. - July 2016

Meloni's follow up was helpful to keep us focused on the document. Doug was pleasant and professional, and offered us good advice about the revision of our old will. 

Michael D. - April 2016

Scott and Casey were easy to talk with and very knowledgeable and professional. They made my kids feel comfortable when they were here.Everyone I met was very helpful!

Rick - October 2015

Everything that you have done for us was special.

Duane - May 2015

Excellent service provided by the firm and Doug Pauley.  They listened to us, were very friendly and put you at ease. 

Helen - February 2015

Thank you!  It was a pleasure to work with Doug Pauley and your staff!  While at the office one of the staff found an item I had left in the waiting room and brought it into me. 

Phyllis - December 2014

My calls were returned immediately and every one could not have been more helpful.  The firm represented my needs and was very professional.

Mary - November 2014

The help & expertise provided was very good and appreciated. Everything was prepared and laid out. There was no waiting and the offer of a beverage was a very nice touch. My primary attorney was Doug Pauley. 

Jeff - October 2014

Mr. Johnson and the staff were outstanding at keeping me up to date and letting me know the outcome of my case as soon as they did. Everything was very prompt when it comes to the Johnson's. Chris even texted me from the hearing in Lincoln to let me know how it went.  

Hattie - August 2014

It was hard for me to redo my will again and appreciated the assistance with it. Excellent service from Doug Pauley.

August 2014

Excellent Service!  Being able to make payments in the amount that is owed!  The team explained everything to me and was easy to understand. 

Phillip - March 2014

I was always made to feel comfortable, friendly staff.  Chris and Joshua Johnson handled my case. 

Wilma - March 2014

Scott Pauley always stayed on top of everything and got it done timely.  

Thomas - April 2013

Chris always has his clients concerns in mind and takes care of you. Joan has been great to me through everything. She answers questions right away no matter who small they may be. Joan shows she cares that makes you feel that you are being taken care of. 

Suzanne - March 2013

Doug Pauley fought the insurance company to get Kalee more than what they wanted to offer.  Stuck up for his client.  Everything was taken care of in an appropriate amount of time.  

Meghan & Anthony - March 2013

Doug Pauley's consultation and advice was great.  Excellent service!

Amber - January 2013

Chris Johnson was quick to respond to emails, great follow up, easy to get an appointment.  I felt like we were listened to and all concerns addressed.  Never felt we were "talked down" to.  He explained everything well.  

Martin - January 2013

Doug did a great job! 

Clifford - January 2013

Doug Pauley was my primary attorney.  Two free pens and a t-shirt ya can't beat that. Doug did not go on and on and on with attorney talk, he just said what it was, explained it and got the job done.  

Pamela - September 2009

The entire staff is excellent to work with, the ability to communicate by email was most helpful for me since I can do that anytime during day and I feel it helps so as not to interrupt staff with phone calls.  I appreciate how consistent Doug is in responding to all emails.   I was always amazed and appreciative of just how quick I would get a response from Doug and staff. Good job!   Everyone in the firm is always friendly and respectful even when I ask stupid questions or don't understand something.  I was treated as a friend who just happened to be a client also.  to make a client feel this way explains what an amazing, special group of people are working at Conway, Pauley, & Johnson.  I have recommended this firm to others and will continue to do so.  Thank you for being so "Great".
Chris Johnson was very honest, very easy to work with.  Always available.  Chris did a fantastic job for me.  He took a negative situation and made it very positive for me.  Very friendly staff and very helpful.  
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