I was well informed through the whole process. I would definitely recommend this firm.

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I was well informed through the whole process. I would definitely recommend this firm.

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Hastings Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Do you want to hold someone responsible for the motorcycle accident that left you injured? Speak to Hastings motorcycle accident attorneys at Conway, Pauley & Johnson P.C. about filing a motorcycle accident claim.

Riding a motorcycle can be a pleasant activity; otherwise, people wouldn’t do it. You love riding. The sights, sounds, and smells of being on the road are so much more enjoyable when you don’t have a steel frame around you to block them out. Getting around becomes a pleasant activity in and of itself, rather than a tedious chore. 

The feeling of the wind on your face, the smell of pavement, cut grass, and the outdoors was so satisfying… Then, bam! Someone crashed into you, and that enjoyment is all over. You’ve been hurt because someone wasn’t watching out for you. You’ve been hurt because someone was being negligent.

The person who caused your motorcycle accident, injuries, trauma, and pain can be held liable for what they’ve done. You can file a Hastings motorcycle accident claim. You could receive a settlement to pay for your medical bills, property damage, and other losses. Get in touch with a Hastings motorcycle accident lawyer at our firm to learn your options.

Understanding Liability in a Hastings Motorcycle Accident Case

When you are involved in a Hastings motorcycle accident, most likely someone is liable for the accident. That means that they are financially responsible for your damages. This is because Nebraska has laws that hold negligent people accountable for their actions. 

Also, Nebraska is a fault state for car accidents. This means whoever was at fault for the accident can be required to pay for the accident-related costs. Usually, the person who is at fault has insurance coverage that will pay for your Hastings motorcycle accident-related losses. Proving liability does take effort. Your accident must be examined to find out what caused it and who is liable. 

Sometimes, the cause of an accident will be easy to prove, such as in the case of an accident caused by a drunk driver. Sometimes, though, the reasons behind an accident can be complex and difficult to prove. 

For instance, if your accident was caused by a drowsy truck driver, how do you prove the trucker was falling asleep at the wheel? You might need to examine truck logs to see whether the truck driver was driving more hours than they were supposed to.

How Do You Figure Out What Caused Your Hastings Motorcycle Accident?

Hastings motorcycle accidents can happen so quickly that it is often a mystery as to how the accident happened in the first place. You do need to figure out what happened, because the cause usually tells you who is to blame. If you want to receive a settlement for your motorcycle accident, you must find out who is at fault.

As mentioned, figuring out the cause may require some investigative work. Sometimes, the police who arrive on the scene of the motorcycle accident will do some of that work for you. They will often give a citation to the at-fault driver, and you can use the police report as evidence in your motorcycle injury claim.

Sometimes, it isn’t so easy to determine what caused your Hastings motorcycle accident. You might need to dig a little deeper to find the cause and who is liable. A Hastings motorcycle injury lawyer at our firm can assist you with investigation work. They will help you decipher what caused your accident and who is liable so you can receive a settlement.

Here are a few common reasons that motorcycle accidents occur in Hastings, NE.

  • Dangerous roads
  • Intoxicated drivers
  • Poor road design
  • Drowsy driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Faulty auto or motorcycle parts
  • Poor service work

Serious Injuries and Their Impact on Your Life

Motorcycle injuries tend to be severe; you probably already know all about this. These types of motorcycle accidents could lead to multiple injuries for the motorcycle accident victims. You could have multiple broken bones, lacerations, internal injuries, and many other injuries. For some victims, they will recover in time. For others, they may live the rest of their lives dealing with the effects of their injuries.

Some injuries are permanent and can lead to lasting changes in your life. For example, the loss of a limb could result in mobility issues, an inability to enjoy certain activities, or the inability to work certain types of jobs. This is upsetting, and you will likely deal with mental suffering as a result of your injuries, as well.

A motorcycle accident lawyer wants to see you receive justice and a financial settlement for all that you’ve been through.

Here is a list of some of the serious injuries you could have sustained in your Hastings motorcycle accident.

  • Head injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Burn injuries
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Organ damage
  • Loss of limb
  • Nerve and tissue damage

Going Up Against an Insurance Company in a Hastings Motorcycle Accident Case

To get the money you need to pay for all of your accident-related losses, you will have to face off against the at-fault person’s insurance company. For example, if a distracted truck driver caused your Hastings motorcycle accident, you will likely be filing your claim with the truck driver’s insurance company.

Insurers know that they’re required to pay you a settlement if you can prove your claim. However, some insurers will try every trick they can to minimize your settlement amount. Your motorcycle accident lawyer will deal with the insurance company for you, so you can feel confident you are getting the funds that are owed to you.

Get in Contact with a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Hastings, Nebraska

If you’ve been hurt in a Hastings motorcycle accident, don’t hesitate to call a lawyer at our firm. They can help you file a claim against the at-fault party within the mandated four-year time limit. Your claim could result in the funds you need to pay for all the losses you’ve been dealing with. Your claim could help you put this accident in the past.

Connect with a Hastings motorcycle accident attorney in Omaha at Conway, Pauley & Johnson P.C. during a free case review. You won’t pay a dime to learn whether you have a claim for personal injury and what your claim might be worth. Dial 402-462-5187 or fill out and send in the contact form on this web page.

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Hastings Motorcycle Accident FAQ

What types of evidence could prove my Hastings motorcycle accident claim?

Every accident is unique, and so the evidence will be different. For instance, one motorcycle accident might have a dozen witnesses, while another has none. You will need to find whatever evidence is available in your situation. Some types of evidence are witnesses’ statements, photo evidence, video surveillance, police/accident reports, and medical evidence.



What’s the difference between economic and non-economic losses?

Economic losses are all accident-related losses that are tied to a monetary amount. For instance, medical bills, lost income, and costs of motorcycle repairs are economic losses. Non-economic losses are the ones that don’t have an amount of money attached to them. For instance, pain, suffering, lost life happiness, scarring, and mental trauma are non-economic losses.

How does a contingency fee work?

A contingency fee arrangement is something that allows you to pay your lawyer after your Hastings motorcycle accident claim has been won. You don’t pay your lawyer at our firm any money up front. Your lawyer’s fees will come out of your settlement amount.  This often works out well, because your attorney can likely get you a higher settlement than you could get yourself. That means your lawyer’s fees can pay for themselves.


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