Three Steps to Take If You're Injured

Three Steps You Should Take if You're Injured at Work or in a Car Accident
1. Get medical help

If you are in a car accident, get emergency medical help immediately, if required. This may mean an unwanted trip to the emergency room. If your injuries are less serious, then you should make an appointment with your family doctor as soon as practical. Continue to seek all necessary medical treatment and follow through with your doctor's orders regarding medication and other treatment such as physical therapy. Make sure to tell the hospital about accident, injuries, and the trauma received.

If you are injured at work, notify your supervisor exactly how the injury occurred, what injuries you sustained, and request medical treatment. In Nebraska, you have the right to see your family doctor if you provided that information to your employer before the injury. If your employer has this information, do not let them send you to a doctor of their choice.

2. Contact law enforcement, file a report

If you are in a car accident, call local law enforcement if you are injured. The law enforcement officer will take each parties statement (along with witness statement(s)) and create an accident report.

If you are injured at work, make sure to fill out an incident/ accident report, which documents exactly how you were injured, what part(s) of your body was injured and when the injury occurred. This is a very important step to follow after suffering a work injury.

3. Don't accept a settlement or return to work

If you are in a car accident, do not provide a statement to the other driver's insurance and do not accept a settlement if you are still treating for your injuries. They are not there to help you!

If you are injured at work and unable to return to work, your employer is responsible for your medical expenses and may owe you disability benefits if you are off work for more than seven days.

If you feel you are being treated unfairly or are unsure on how to proceed, you should contact an attorney. It is strongly suggested that you confer with an attorney before signing any paperwork or settling your injury claim. Usually the sooner you contact an attorney, the better. 

Scott was born in Hastings, Nebraska and attended Adams Central. He attended Hastings College, graduating in 2006, and completed his law degree at the University of Nebraska in 2012. He returned to Hastings in 2012 to practice law at Conway, Pauley & Johnson, P.C.

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