I was well informed through the whole process. I would definitely recommend this firm.

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I was well informed through the whole process. I would definitely recommend this firm.

Kathy H.

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Dangerous Intersections in Hastings, Nebraska 

When you leave your house every day, you know there are dangers out there on the roads you need to watch out for. You probably watch out for drivers with cell phones in their hands. You watch for large debris in the road that can cause a car accident

Did it ever occur to you to watch out for the intersections on the roads? Did you ever think the design of an intersection could cause accidents? Yes, drivers also cause accidents at intersections, but it seems that some intersections are more dangerous than others. This could be due to several different factors. 

Read on to learn about the factors that make intersections dangerous so you will know what to watch out for when traveling through Hastings intersections near you.

Factors That Cause Accidents at Intersections

You know that many different issues can lead to a crash at an intersection. Different people could be responsible for causing these accidents. For example, if construction work is going on at an intersection, an accident could occur because the construction zone isn’t properly marked. Drivers could get confused and an accident could result.

Another reason accidents happen at intersections is because of reckless driving. Another reason is because the intersection itself is poorly designed. For example, the timing of lights could be off or the angle of the intersection could lead to poor sight lines.

All of these factors play a role in causing accidents at intersections. When you approach intersections, be cautious. Never engage in distracted driving. If you know of an intersection that is known to cause accidents, avoid the intersection or use extreme caution when moving through that intersection.

Three Dangerous Intersections in Hastings, Nebraska

Here are three examples of intersections in the Hastings area known for a multitude of accidents. Be careful when moving through these three intersections. Avoid them entirely if you can.

1. Lochland Road and Highway 281

Although the speed limit was recently reduced by the city, this intersection is still considered dangerous. Be careful.

2. Old Potash Highway and Highway 281

A great many accidents occur at this intersection. Try to avoid it if you can. If not, use extreme caution when moving through this intersection.

3. U.S. Highway 6 and Adams Central Avenue

Due to the frequency and severity of crashes at this intersection, work has been scheduled to improve this intersection.

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