I was well informed through the whole process. I would definitely recommend this firm.

Kathy H.

I was well informed through the whole process. I would definitely recommend this firm.

Kathy H.

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Grand Island Slip-and-Fall Lawyer

In the blink of an eye, a slip-and-fall accident can change your life. You shouldn’t be stuck picking up the pieces without help. Speak to a Grand Island lawyer for help filing an injury claim.

Dealing with the physical and emotional aftermath of a fall away from home? A Grand Island slip-and-fall lawyer can help you take back control of your life.  

Timeline for Your Slip-and-Fall Claim in Grand Island

When you are injured in a slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accident, it’s a good idea to consider your legal options. A financial settlement for your damages could help you pay off outstanding medical bills or replace damaged property, such as a broken watch or pair of eyeglasses. 

One thing to keep in mind for your slip-and-fall claim in Grand Island is the timeline. The Nebraska statute of limitations requires you to file an injury claim within four years of the accident. 

In rare instances, however, that deadline can be “tolled,” or extended. But the clock starts ticking from the date of your accident, and most claims submitted after the four-year limit will be thrown out. 

Speaking with a slip-and-fall lawyer in Grand Island today is a good first step toward ensuring your claim is submitted on time. 

Common Slip-and-Fall Injuries in Grand Island

Slip-and-fall injuries can vary in severity and scope, but the potential to negatively impact your life and well-being is real. To make matters worse, knowing that your accident was completely preventable if not for the carelessness of another can feel emotionally depleting. 

Some of the frequent injuries surrounding slip-and-fall accidents include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs
  • Back and spinal cord injuries
  • Ankle sprains and torn ligaments
  • Hip fractures
  • Shoulder injuries

In some instances, a slip-and-fall injury can impact your ability to work. Loss of income is one of the primary motives for filing a personal injury lawsuit. If this is your case, speaking with your doctor can help you to document the extent of your injuries. 

In addition to recovering damages for medical expenses, a slip-and-fall lawyer in Grand Island can use your medical records to help build a case for loss of income, thereby increasing the value of your potential settlement. 

Special Considerations for Your Slip-and-Fall in Grand Island

Arguably the most complex part of any personal injury lawsuit, it is the plaintiff’s duty to prove the at-fault party acted carelessly or negligently in the build-up to your accident. This part is crucial, as your damages can be offset by the degree to which the accident was caused by your own doing. 

The good news is that an experienced slip-and-fall lawyer in Grand Island can help you sort through the facts of your unique case in order to maximize your financial settlement. 

Contact a Slip-and-Fall Lawyer in Grand Island

Most slip-and-fall claims never see the inside of a courtroom, but this usually means your settlement will have to be negotiated with an insurance company. Don’t put your financial compensation in the hands of an insurance adjuster. An experienced lawyer from the team of Conway, Pauley and Johnson P.C. can defend your rights every step of the way. 

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