I was well informed through the whole process. I would definitely recommend this firm.

Kathy H.

I was well informed through the whole process. I would definitely recommend this firm.

Kathy H.

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What Not to Say to a Workers Comp Doctor

If you’ve been injured in the workplace, it’s reasonable to pursue workers compensation as recourse for the suffering you’ve endured and may still be enduring. The Nebraska Workers Compensation Act gives employees a legal basis on which to file a claim against an employer. This covers workers who sustained an injury or illness as a result of the employer’s negligence. 

This often entails submitting to a medical examination by a doctor, who’ll conduct an independent medical examination to ascertain the extent of the damages done to you. If you’re worried about saying the wrong thing to your doctor, let a lawyer from Conway, Pauley & Johnson P.C. help. We have the tools to get you the workers comp claim you’re due. 

What Should and Shouldn’t I Discuss With a Doctor?

You should discuss any medical appointments you’re required to attend with your lawyer, who’ll be able to help you understand your doctor’s view of the situation. The independent medical examiner (IME) will likely have received a letter detailing the medical condition you’re making a claim based on. 

It’s imperative you’re aware of this to ensure you keep the conversation to matters they’re already informed on. Making a statement that could later be perceived as misleading or untrue may influence the doctor’s opinion and thus damage your claim, so be careful to stick to the facts concerning historical matters in your reports. 

If there are any changes to your condition or circumstances you should consult your lawyer before meeting with the IME, who’ll be able to advise you on the matter. Your lawyer can also advise you on what to do if there is any question about whether your injury was related to work

Workers compensation fraud is taken very seriously, so avoiding statements that may give the wrong impression is important. Luckily, your lawyer can help you say the right things and keep track of your story. 

Important Things to Consider When Pursuing Workers Comp 

The most important thing to remember in workers comp cases is that any assessments made when visiting an IME can be used as legal evidence in your case. Though the doctor you see should be impartial to the case, things you say can be used against you. 

Limit the conversation to established facts regarding your injuries or illness and related subjects, and try not to exaggerate your symptoms in any way. You don’t want to give the impression that you’re trying to be deceptive. Workers compensation doctors are well-trained in identifying false claims. 

Acting naturally is your best approach to ensuring the report is factual and accurate. The doctor will carry out a series of tests to identify your pain and discomfort, making honesty the best policy when it comes to furthering your claim. 

Finding the Right Workers Comp Lawyer for You 

If you’re pursuing a workers compensation claim and are worried about a scheduled independent medical examination, having a conversation with your lawyer should help set your mind at ease. 

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