I was well informed through the whole process. I would definitely recommend this firm.

Kathy H.

I was well informed through the whole process. I would definitely recommend this firm.

Kathy H.

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Lexington Car Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Lexington, you may be entitled to compensation. Find an experienced car accident lawyer in Lexington who can help you file your claim. 

When you suffer injuries in a car accident, you may start to worry about paying for things like medical bills and other damages related to your accident. To make matters worse, your injuries may keep you out of work, either temporarily or permanently. 

Fortunately, filing a car accident claim can help you recover compensation related to your accident. A Lexington car accident lawyer from Conway, Pauley, & Johnson P.C. will help you secure a fair settlement. 

Car Insurance Laws in Nebraska

As far as rules governing car insurance liability goes, these policies vary from state to state. Although a small handful of them favor a no-fault system, in Nebraska, the fault system of car insurance means you essentially have three options for collecting damages from the party responsible for your car accident damages: 

  • Filing a Claim with Your Insurance – If you choose this route and have evidence to show that someone else caused the accident, it’s likely that your insurer will file a claim with that person’s car insurance provider
  • Filing a Third-Party Claim with the At-Fault Party’s Insurance – After an accident, exchanging information with the other party or parties involved can help you deal with insurance matters directly. This option, and the previous option as well, could allow you to settle out of court. 
  • Filing a Formal Lawsuit – Taking formal civil action against the at-fault party is another option, especially if the defendant refuses to acknowledge the letter stating your demands, or you cannot agree on a settlement figure.

Another important point to consider is Nebraska’s view on the distribution of fault in car accident cases. Of course, if the responsible party is found to be 100 percent at fault for having caused the accident, there will be no discussion. But what happens if you share a degree of responsibility for causing the accident? 

Nebraska adheres to a rule known as modified comparative fault. In a nutshell, this means that, while you can still collect damages, the amount of your settlement or reward can be decreased in proportion to the extent to which your actions caused the accident.

For example: if you braked unexpectedly before the at-fault driver rear-ended your car, you may be found 20 percent responsible for the accident. Assuming your associated damages amount to $100,000, you would only be entitled to recover $80,000.

This same rule applies up to 50 percent responsibility—but keep in mind that if you are found more than half responsible, you may be barred from collecting a settlement at all. 

How a Lexington Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

Given the impact of the modified comparative fault rules, it’s important to consult an experienced attorney before accepting a settlement offer. They will help you understand the true value of your claim and maximize the compensation available to you. 

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer in Lexington

When you’re injured in a car accident, it’s important to understand the impact of car insurance laws on your claim. An experienced Lexington car accident attorney from Conway, Pauley, & Johnson P.C. will help you file with confidence. 

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