I was well informed through the whole process. I would definitely recommend this firm.

Kathy H.

I was well informed through the whole process. I would definitely recommend this firm.

Kathy H.

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Lexington Work Injury Lawyer

Have you suffered a work injury in Lexington? Are your bills starting to pile up as a result? Contact a work injury lawyer in Lexington to get information about filing a work injury lawsuit today. 

Workplace injuries are an inherent danger of physical labor. Sadly, many thousands of workers around the country will suffer injuries at work every year. That’s why the legal team at Conway, Pauley & Johnson P.C. are on stand-by to help with your work injury lawsuit in Lexington.

Note that if your employer carries workers compensation insurance that you won’t be able to sue them directly. There may be other liable parties, however. Let a Lexington work injury lawyer inform you today. 

Liable Parties in Work Injury Accidents

In the state of Nebraska, almost all businesses are required to carry mandatory workers compensation insurance in the event that you get injured on the job. Workplace injuries in Nebraska are relatively frequent events. 

Filing a workers comp claim can allow you to get benefits related to lost salary, vocational rehabilitation, and medical expenses. However, for some people, the benefits provided by their workers comp don’t really allow them to get the compensation they need or deserve. 

Fortunately, filing a third-party work injury claim may be possible in some cases. These personal injury claims can allow you to receive that workers comp doesn’t cover, such as non-economic damages. 

Employers that don’t offer workers compensation benefits can be sued directly by their injured employees, as well as employers that act negligently. But this is just one example of a potentially liable party in a work injury lawsuit. Others could include: 

  • Third-party contractors
  • Workplace supply manufacturers, distributors, retailers, etc
  • Others present at a job site or job function that cause your injuries
  • A negligent property owner where you work (if different than your employer0

Benefits of Filing a Third-Party Lawsuit for Your Work Injury 

Workers compensation in Nebraska may include wage compensation, medical benefits, vocational rehabilitation, and related benefits. In addition to the aforementioned, a third-party work injury lawsuit could allow you to also receive any or all of the following benefits from the responsible parties:

  • Medical costs that exceed your workers comp benefits
  • Lost wages that exceed the limit of your workers comp benefits
  • Mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering

Timeline for Filing a Claim

According to the Nebraska state statute of limitations, all legal actions for personal injury must be filed within four years of the date of the accident. This will apply to workplace injury lawsuits. 

It’s important to keep in mind that the requirements for general personal injury may be different from those of workers compensation, which requires employee notification within a much shorter period. 

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Have you been injured at work? An experienced attorney from Conway, Pauley & Johnson P.C. will help you secure the maximum compensation possible for your injuries. 

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